Business Reorganization

Processes and Startups

As a result of being highly specialized in Labor Law and Legal Counseling, our firm has successfully intervened in innumerable processes of corporate restructuring, startups, restructuring and / or mergers and acquisitions, coordinating all legal aspects of the operation.


Our high expertise in this type of complex process, which we have practised for more than two decades, allows us to analyze legal-political contexts, as well as to deal with legal aspects, tax incidence and regulatory aspects, generating a comprehensive and specific legal advice as a strategic planning tool for the managers’ decision-making.


Our services include advice and legal management of labor, fiscal, trade union and commercial contingencies, highlighting, among others:


• Advice on restructuring of companies and in processes of productive and / or patrimonial reorganization.

• Advice and management of startup companies and projects.

• Structuring business in a legal development framework.

• Implementation and development of Argentine companies in Spain, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay

• Implementation and development of foreign companies in Argentina

• Business Reorganizations. Merger and acquisition processes, transfer of assets or premises.