We provide a highly specialized service in Labor Law, Corporate Law and in the management of contentious matters. We intervene in the various aspects of legal activity to collaborate in decision -making, in the prevention of contingencies, in establishing policies for the organization and management of conflicts.  

ASB ABOGADOS has proven a wide experience in handling complex legal conflicts in its extrajudicial and judicial aspects, with a vast know how in international legal disputes, in the analysis of issues with application of various regulatory frameworks, both local and foreign and in the development of evidentiary strategies with transnational impact.  

The experience of our partners and associates together with the personalized, effective performance and the principle of immediacy with the client that governs our actions, allow us to provide highly specialized legal advice and counseling services, aimed at strategic planning, coordinating the legal response with an adequate analysis of the context, and collaborating with the diverse disciplines and approaches needed to achieve the best solution.


We exercise our profession with the conviction of expressing in our professional work the values of trust, teamwork, excellence, transparency, honesty, respect, and transcendence; positioning ASB ABOGADOS as one of the leading law firms in the field, not only for our legal capacity and experience of its members but fundamentally for the solid ethical basis that guides our actions.





Providing professional services from a strategic perspective, generating value as a reflection of our commitment to personal fulfillment and business achievement.


Being the best law firm, referents in labor law and business advice in the country recognized for its human quality and professionalism


  • TRUST​


Trust is the ethical foundation of our conduct. It is the essential base or platform where other values are supported and without which they lack real meaning. It includes transparency and responsibility in management, but first and foremost it tries to ensure that our clients trust our professional criteria, which is not only based on the law but in particular on the experience held in the field.​



​​We do not work with matters entrusted through the individual intervention of a lawyer, but through teams of highly specialized professionals and assistants seeking common objectives. Strategies for each case are determined by partners and associates through common analysis and discussion and are executed by professional teams, therefore granting a high level of effectiveness and efficiency.



Our professional excellence is a synonym of quality in what we do, supported not only by our legal knowledge but also by the experience acquired shown in our management. ASB Abogados has a remarkable experience in the field of practice, therefore a specific knowledge as a special value of our professional work.



Transparency is a key supra-value for ASB Abogados, it is applied to the most varied situations and lights all our actions. Transparency with the client, among members and with third parties which involves not only honesty in our professional activity but also a specific work in the day by day relationship.


Honesty is a core value in our law firm, in what we communicate and do, granting a complete economic honesty together with the proposed solutions. We try to differentiate ourselves from the professional clichés making this profession a more human activity.


Respect is the main value inspiring our firm. Respect among members, respect with our clients and respect with whom we interact. This respect involves special consideration and valuation of the other, of their opinions and feelings and the execution of our acts without implying an offence or unnecessary prejudice beyond the professional act itself.​​



Commitment is the driving force of our actions. It implies a complete dedication in the cases we manage and in the customer service given in search for the best solution. It involves working with passion, committed to the reality in each case and for each client.


The experience of ASB Abogados has given our organization a spirit of resilience as a capacity to face adversity and adapt to the changing context imposed by our country. The context and conjuncture have caused a permanent spirit of innovation in our organization that results in the value of resilience and finally changes into effective responses to our clients’ problems.


The outstanding professional vocation of our members together with our team work and shared vision, reflects a transcendence desire from the mere individuality. Our belief is not only to give a satisfactory response to our clients in the result but essentially to solidly accompany the legal matter entrusted, supported by a strong commitment towards ASB Abogados values.  




“I would like to express my continuing pride for being part of this Firm, after more than 17 years since its origin. Despite the huge growth experienced in every aspect, we have procured to keep unbeaten the values' solid base that has always identified us. I mean the speediness with the client, the transparency, and the professionalism, essential to fulfill the confident relationship we aspire to build with our clients.

The multiple professional services the Firm provides would be incomplete without the ethical grounds of our conduct.

Positioned as one of the leader law firms in Buenos Aires, our driving force is still the desire to improve and to offer the best full legal service, keeping up to the requirements of today’s society.

I would like to seize the opportunity to thank all the clients that trust us and the whole structure of people who work day after day in order to accomplish the efficiency standards we have set ourselves.

There are still many challenges ahead of us, but I am convinced that together and relying on our strengths we will be able to transit successfully the path towards excellence we all seek for. That, is the precise COMMITMENT of ASB ABOGADOS”.

Ernesto Sanguinetti




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