Legal Advice to Companies

Our team advises its local and foreign clients from an integral point of view in all matters related to the management of the company that require legal assistance.


Our firm specializes in advising and managing complex legal aspects of business activity, accompanying senior executives in the management of comprehensive solutions that involve not only a legal vision, but also a necessary context analysis and strategic planning.


We assist our clients from the initial stage related to business planning and provide legal advice in all legal aspects related to business life.


Our specific services in Legal Counselling for Companies, among others, are:


• Audit of contracts.

• Advice in civil and commercial law

• Advice in trademark law, patents and intellectual rights.

• Litigation-administrative proceedings

• Management of judicial portfolio.

• Negotiation and implementation of complex contracts.

• Negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, both in the ordinary course of business and other specific or more complex contracts, including distribution, franchise, license and agency contracts.


Gisela E. Reta