Dr. Martín H. Magliano

Lawyer (Universidad Católica Argentina).


Civil Law, Contracts, Insurances and Family Law Specialist.


Former employee of the  Juzgado Nacional de Primera Instancia en lo Civil Nº 27 (National First Instance Court on Civil Matters No 27). Martín Magliano has advised different companies in Argentina, Latin America, Brasil and the USA. He has also advised various public entities such as the National Vehicle Registry and the Council of Minors and Family. Lately Martín has completed the following courses: Conference on "Artificial Fertilization",  José Octavio Clariá, PhD, Universidad Católica Argentina. -Conferences on "Beginning of Human Life", Universidad Católica Argentina. (Legal Medicine Course) - "Novelties in Family Law", EABA, Coordinator Jorge A. Mazzinghi, PhD. "IT Law" UBA. "The Berkman Center for Internet & Society" Internet Law Program, "Privacy in cyber Space". He is currently working and specializing in Sports Law.