• We have acted as “expert witness” - through Dr. Amodeo - before the New York State Courts providing their members a “legal opinion” on the Argentinian labor regulations within the legal proceedings context at the request of JP Morgan Chase (2006).


  • We have intervened having parity of representation in the metallurgical corporate sector -throughout Dr. Ernesto Sanguinetti - before the "Asociación de Industrias Metalúrgicas de la República Argentina (ADIMRA).


  • We have constantly participated in the negotiation and/or legal representation for company directors.

  • Currently we advise over ninety (90) national as well as international companies (mainly Spain and Mexico) particularly in the following activities: call center, textile, commerce, logistics, hotel sector, gastronomy, real estate, construction, financial, agriculture, aeronautics, tourism, insurances, accounting, civil organizations, metal, electronics and agrochemicals.


  • We have intervened in various corporate restructuring and/or reengineering processes.


  • Advisors on different merger and/or acquisition of companies related to health services.


  • Representatives in collective bargaining related to sports, business and metal industry, performing as advisors of the businesses sector.


  • Counselling and management - through various insourcing processes - in the overall development of businesses, assisting clients in every legal and management aspects.


  • Consultants in terms of medical civil liability in various institutions.


  • Counselling in the start-up and development of several commercial brands acting as franchises or the like, assisting in a comprehensive way the whole process involving the creation of the businesses structure (commercial, corporate, labor and management aspects.).




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